TSPSC Paper Leak: Shocking Details Coming Out In Probe!

Tue Mar 14 2023 14:57:28 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The alleged paper leakage controversy concerning the Telangana State Public Service Commission(TSPSC) created a sensation in the state. A police case has been filed and the probe unearthed many shocking details in the paper leak scam. The exam aspirants are hitting the roads demanding strict action against the guilty.

A gang was arrested in the case and the members include Pulidindi Praveen Kumar, assistant section officer, and Atla Rajasekhar Reddy. A Police constable is also arrested as per the media reports. Few reports say that there might be a honey trap row in the case as the accused was trapped by a woman.

Now it is said that the accused Praveen Kumar is in touch with many women and he goes into touch with women who come for interviews allegedly. In the process, he might have met the accused girl. Though the details of the girl are not known, the investigation is going on.

It is known that preliminary exams are held in the department recently. The Main accused Praveen also appeared for the exam and there are allegations that the Group-1 preliminary exam paper might have also been compromised. A few aspirants are making the allegations and want a probe in this regard.

The media reports say that Praveen secured 103 marks out of 150 marks and there are a few doubts about that. To clear the air, a probe was launched. The investigating officers are probing the matter from the angle to see if Praveen Kumar is really capable of securing the marks or might there be any irregularities in this.

The investigating officers are trying to seek custody of the accused in the case so that they can get more information on the case. They might move the court soon. On the other hand, protests are turning intense against the alleged paper leakage scam.

Aspirants sat outside the TSPSC office protesting against this and they were sent away. On the other hand, the TSPSC administration is said to be in plans to cancel the whole exam in the wake of the paper leak. A few aspirants are also being grilled by the Police officers in connection with the case.