This Step By TTD Will Put An End To Middlemen

Wed Aug 21 2019 13:12:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

A decision likely to be taken by the TTD board could put an end to the machinations of the middlemen who promise break darshan in lieu of payment of huge sums. The TDP is planning to provide break darshan facility to the devotees who pay Rs 10000 as donation. This is less than the amounts that the middlemen charge. The middlemen usually charge between Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 for providing break darshans. If the TTD brings in the new system, these middlemen would no longer be needed. They would not be in a position to dupe the gullible devotees.

The TTD is also mulling to provide special darshans and VIP break darshans to devotees who give donations to the Sri Vani programme of the TTD. Already those giving Rs 1 lakh donation are being provided with break darshan and those giving Rs 10 lakh are being given VIP break darshan. Those donating Rs 1 crore would get the facility of Protocol darshan.

The new system will ensure that the TTD gets more revenue and the devotees get the satisfaction of a VIP darshan and donating to the TTD. Meanwhile, there are already attempts to ensure that this scheme is scuttled. Let's see whether the TTD will be able to push through this reform.