Taj Mahal Damaged

Sun May 31 2020 13:42:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, the iconic Taj Mahal suffered some damage due to the thunderstorm on Friday night. According to sources the marble railing of the mausoleum and red sandstone railings of the iconic structure were damaged by the thunderstorm. The damage, fortunately, has been of a minor nature.

The authorities at the Taj Majal have also said that the dome of the Taj Mahal was also minorly damaged when some tree branches fell on it due to the thunderstorm that hit Uttar Pradesh on Friday night. Taj Mahal was recently cleaned up on the occasion of Donald Trump's visit. Meanwhile heavy thunderstorm and high speed winds stuck UP on Friday night and caused heavy damage. In Mainpuri, there were several deaths due to the rain and thundershowers.

Sources said that a door of the Tajmahal and a false ceiling  too were damaged. The weather department has predicted more rains and thungershowers, accompanied by lightning in the coming two more days.