Taking Statements Out Of Context Media Is Causing Pollution:sc

Thu Nov 18 2021 13:08:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is an open secret that almost all the media channels and outlets have their political stand. These outlets cover the news from the lens of the parties they support. The culture is a big bane for journalism and the audience gets only biased news. While hearing a petition the Supreme Court rapped the media over this and opined that the practice is causing pollution.

The Supreme Court made these serious comments while hearing public interest litigation (PIL) that was filed with the court over the air pollution in the national capital Delhi. The bench led by Chief Justice of India(CJI) NV Ramana heard the petition.

CJI NV Ramana slammed the media during the arguments and opined that the debates on the Television channels are causing more pollution by making statements that are out of context. Media takes the statements the Court makes during the arguments and conducts debate on this with an agenda, CJI Ramana said.

The Apex Court came down severely on the media outlets for taking the statements out of the context during the arguments on the contribution the stubble burning makes towards the air pollution in Delhi. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta also expressed his views on the media channels taking the statements out of the context.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court bench also expressed displeasure on putting the blame on the farmers for stubble burning and attributing the practice to the dropping air quality in Delhi. We don't know the problems of the farmers and we have also not examined the circumstances that triggered the farmers to go for stubble burning.

Justice Surya Kant, a member of the Supreme Court bench, rapped people who lecture farmers on stubble farming. These people who sit in star hotel facilities make allegations against the farmers that they are causing air pollution by stubble burning.

The farmers own a very small percentage of land. Can they afford the cost of alternate options to clean the fields rather than stubble burning?. Slamming the critics of farmers, the Justice advised them to tell the farmers if they have any scientific methods for the same.