Taking U-turns is a known skill of Naidu: Perni Nani

Mon Jan 27 2020 15:33:33 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The most anticipated Assembly sessions have started on an interesting note. Both the ruling and opposition indulged in a heated debate on the capital issue. Not only the politicians but the political circles have also been waiting for the sessions to get commenced.

Talking about the bill tabled by CM Jagan to abolish the Legislative Council, Transport and I&PR Minister Perni Nani has lashed at Chandrababu on his stand on the abolishment of the Council and said Naidu is master of taking U-turns.

Perni Nani played an old video clip in which Naidu who was in Opposition then also accused the Congress party of trying to revive the Upper House. In the video, Naidu went on to say that the ruling Congress party is trying to revive the Council to give posts to their close aides.

"Due to the Legislative Council, there is a chance of bills getting delay. In many states, there are no Councils. In the past the Congress party also said that there is no use of having these Councils," Naidu said in the old video.

"No one can beat Chandrababu in taking U-turns. Mending words on one topic is a known skill of him," Perni Nani said.

In recent times Naidu is becoming a piece of comedy over his controversial statements and this two-side stands on the issues in the state. Naidu became a meme material when he said late President, Mr. APJ Kalam learned vision from him.

Naidu is a renowned politician and there is no doubt about that. But to prove his seniority and vision, there is no need for him to utter this rubbish and gain more and more negative image.