Taliban 2.0 Proving To be Disastrous for Women in Afghanistan?

Mon May 09 2022 15:40:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

People had a vague picture of how the lives of Afghanistan would be under the ruling of Taliban forces as the forces had ruled Afghanistan showing hell to the people. Many feared that the 1990s scenes might get repeated for the second time. Their predictions came true in Afghanistan now.

After taking Afghanistan into their control, the Taliban forces are showing hell to women and girls living in the nation. First, they were restricted to homes by asking them to not work in offices along with men. Giving another big shock, the Taliban directed the girls to leave education as many institutions were shut down.

Women continue to face the worst nightmare in Afghanistan as the Taliban forces have issued another rule for them. Reports say that a decree has been issued for women which says that women should wear cloth that covers their faces. If they fail to wear the face veil, then the male guardians of women will have to face the heat.

Enforcing the face veil compulsory ruling, the Taliban said that when women step out they have to wear it, and if not, the male guardian of the girl or woman will have to face jail for three days. The new ruling had made the lives of people in Afghanistan even worse.

Back in the 1990s, the then Taliban forces had imposed burqa must rule in Afghanistan. Strict action was taken against them if women failed to wear a burqa. Cut to a couple of decades later, the face veil was brought into the nation.

Unlike the previous one, women in Afghanistan were given two chances to wear face veils properly. For the first time, the family members of the girl will be educated on why the face veil should be worn. If the same gets repeated, the family will have to get a summons. At this time, the male guardian will end up facing three days in jail.

Many people and organizations are coming forward to condemn what is going on in the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. They fear what would be the future of women and girls in Afghanistan.