Tamil Nadu BJP thinks It is On the Right Track!

Mon May 09 2022 17:11:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Bharatiya Janata Party enjoys a stronghold on the northern belt and it even has a good base in the northeastern region as well. After winning key polls in the northeast, the saffron party created history to reach the 100 seat mark in the Rajya Sabha as no party had managed to do so since 1990.

On the flip side, the party is not in a good position in the southern states, leaving Karnataka, the party is in opposition states in all the states. Other than Telangana, it is not in a state to give a tough competition to the ruling parties. In Andhra Pradesh, it is very problematic for the party.

The saffron party has a long dream of entering Tamil Nadu, despite making many attempts in the past, they did not turn fruitful. As a big move, the Tamil Nadu wing of the BJP has appointed Civil Servant-turned-politician K. Annamalai as the party chief. After this, the JP had started to get strengthened.

As a shot in the arm, the son of a ruling party MP had joined the T-wing of the BJP along with his supporters. After joining the party, he had alleged that things are not well in DMK and that family politics are ruining it, he expressed his confidence in BJP winning the next polls.

Senior DMK leader and MP Tiruchy Siva's son Suriya Siva had shifted his loyalties to the BJP from the DMK citing the family politics as a reason. This is a piece of news to cheer for the BJP. The party has been trying hard to increase its footprint in Tamil Nadu. With MP's son joining the party, the leadership now thinks that it is on the right track.