Man In Quarantine Turns Mad, Goes Nude, Bites Woman To Death

Sun Mar 29 2020 12:56:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Solitary confinement due to Corona quarantine has made a person go berserk. He shredded all his clothes and ran out of his house nude and then big an elderly woman. The woman died of the bites. The incident occurred in Jakkamanayakanpatti in Theni district of Tamil Nadu on Saturday.

According to the police, a clothier had recently come back from a business trip to Sri Lanka . The officials advised him to quarantine himself as a precautionary measure. But, on Saturday, the man suddenly went wild and violent. He tore his clothes and ran out of the home. While his family members tried to nab him, he attacked an old woman. He bit her several times. Though his relatives managed to overpower him and brought him back home, but the woman, identified as Natchiammal (80), died while being treated in a local government hospital.

The man has now been taken into custody and the police are monitoring his treatment. A case would be registered once he completes the quarantine period.