Taraka Ratna Is Recovering, But Brain Got Affected!

Tue Jan 31 2023 19:11:57 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is being treated at the Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bengaluru. He is placed on a ventilator facility for treatment. The family members are being informed about Taraka Ratna's health regularly.

Cardiologists and a team of doctors are monitoring Taraka Ratna's health and treating him. He was with a full beard when he was admitted to the hospital… Now he is appearing in a cleanly shaved look

Doctors are saying that he is recovering quickly. Based on the CT Scan reports, doctors are saying that the brain is affected by less passage of oxygen. So the doctors are focusing on the recovery of brain damage as per the reports.

As per the health update.. Taraka Ratna is receiving treatment on ventilator support. Doctors informed that Taraka Ratna's health is improving. The team of experts said that his health and kidneys are improving. Multidisciplinary Medical experts are treating Taraka Ratna.

Presently he is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit. According to doctors.. His heart and kidneys are working well and once his brain also starts functioning well then the ventilator support will be removed. This needs further estimation from the higher medical experts.

 Taraka Ratna's family member Ramakrishna spoke to the media to share details on his health. He said that Taraka Ratna's health is better compared to yesterday. He added that doctors reduced the dependence on the life system and usage of medicines. Heart and Liver functioning came to a normal state. However, it will take some time to recover from Neuro issues. Taraka Ratna is breathing by himself and this is happy news, he said.