Telangana Assembly Dissolve.. President's Rue: Uttam's Hopes!

Mon Feb 06 2023 19:49:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Nalgonda MP Senior Congress Leader Uttam Kumar Reddy's hopes reached the peak. His hopes are next to possible. He is predicting that the Assembly will be canceled in February and President's Rule will come. He even hoped that President's Rule will come and KCR will step down.

It is said that Uttam became ready to request the Center on the same. He allegedly started a demand that early elections should be held under President's Rule. He said the same at the meeting held in Surya Pet district's Kodada. Uttam predicted BRS will lose the polls cheaply.

He is saying that there is no situation to have elections peacefully in the state. Police and Revenue officials became agents of BRS, he alleged.

Dalit Bandhu scheme should be implemented without any irregularities.. The High Court gave a clear verdict on the scheme and the Court said MLAs interference should not be there. But MLAs are venturing into the scheme. The scheme should be implemented for all the Dalits in the state, he said.

Congress swing is going on in the Country now. Congress's win is sure with Bharat Jodo's yatra in India. It is a rare yatra in the history of the world. I have walked with Rahul Gandhi for 450 kilometers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. BJP is breaking the nation based on Religion, he said.

He predicted that KCR might go for early elections. Uttam became ready to request the Center to change the system and impose President's Rule. It might be tough for KCR to go for early elections as KCR is not having good ties with BJP.