Telangana BJP' Mission 19 for Mission 2023

Tue Jan 18 2022 17:42:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP in Telangana these days is focussing on Mission 19.  Why is it focussing on Mission 19 at a time when it should actually focus on either Mission 2024? In fact, a meeting was held on Mission 19  on Monday in a swank hotel in Hyderabad. Mission 19 is BJP's new strategy for winning the 19 SC reserved seats in the state of Telangana.

The BJP strongly believes that these 19 seats can be won if only the party makes the right effort. The studies and surveys conducted by the national and state-level BJP leaders have revealed that the winner and loser in these 19 seats are decided by just one per cent votes. Hence the party is making a strong bid to win these seats.

The party is said to be readying up an action plan for these 19 seats. The party senior leaders have been asked to undertake extensive tours of these constituencies and ensure that they make a night stay in the area for building strong bonding with the local party workers.  After identifying the problems in these constituencies, the party will take up a three-month long agitation to mobilize the public opinion.

The party is also planning to launch a two-month Ambedkar Bahujan Padayatra in all these 19 constituencies. During this period, the party is planning to set up ward, village, mandal and booth level committees. Besides Bandi Sanjay, several other senior workers were present at the key meeting.