Telangana Bjp Mp Accuses Kcr Ktr Of Rice Smuggling

Wed Dec 01 2021 14:06:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

The fight between the TRS and BJP over paddy procurement is not stopping. As the state government and the Central government are placing their arguments on the procurement, the flame in the issue is still burning. Both parties are making allegations and counter-allegations on the burning issue against each other.

Nizamabad BJP MP Arvind Dharmapuri launched a fresh attack on the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and alleged that the policies of the state government are making the farmers in Telangana face severe losses. The Telangana Parliamentarian used strong words while attacking father-son duo KCR and KTR.

Addressing the media at the national capital Delhi, the MP alleged that Chief Minister KCR and IT Minister KTR have joined hands with the rice millers and indulged in smuggling rice. Through smuggling rice, they are earning thousands of crores while the farmers are going through a tough period.

They are bringing less quality rice from Karnataka and selling them to the Food Corporation of India(FCI) after recycling them. The sanna biyyam cultivated in Telangana are sold at Rs 40 per kilo in private. The farmers are facing the wrath of these decisions. Whom should the farmers ask when the government is indulging in these activities, Arvind asked

The government is not saying anything when the rice millers are reducing the weight of the rice bag. On one hand, they have made an agreement with the FCI on rice procurement, and on another hand, they are asking the Union government to buy the rice which doesn't make any sense. The issue should be probed and I will write to the concerned people on the matter, he maintained.

The Telangana BJP MP also found fault with the language used by CM KCR on Cabinet Ministers Kishan Reddy and Piyush Goyal. No one will use such a language. For the language he uses at the press meets, those briefings should be given an A certificate. The word meter was not used in the electricity bill, but KCR is spreading false information on this, he said.

He also accused CM KCR of being unable to find land to set up Tribal University for the last five years. Alleging that the state-run hospitals lack proper facilities, Arvind called the BJP cadre and party activities to highlight the issue by taking selfies at the hospitals.