Telangana HC Slapped Notices To Private Hospitals For Fleecing Pandemic Patients

Tue Jul 07 2020 18:37:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana High Court which heard a petition filed over the soring prices collected by the private hospitals from the pandemic patients served notices to the well-known hospitals in this regard.

The court issued notices to Yashoda, Care, Medicover, Sunshine Hospitals, and some other famous private hospitals for hoodwinking the patients and collecting high prices from the pandemic patients.

The issue reached the Court after the petitioner moved the court. The petitioner claimed that the private hospitals are deceiving the patients and requested the court to regulate the cost for the treatment.

Private hospitals are collecting high prices even after the state government fixing prices for the pandemic treatment. As per the fixed prices, private hospitals would charge Rs 4,000 per day for general treatment.

If it is ICU treatment with a ventilator, then the hospital should charge Rs 9,000 per day and  Rs 7,500 per day was fixed for the ICU treatment without a ventilator.

The petitioner told the court that private hospitals are not following the rules and breaking the capped prices while treating pandemic patients.

Earlier, the High Court asked the state government to permit private hospitals and labs to carry out the pandemic tests and asked the government why private labs and hospitals cannot conduct the tests.