Telangana Health Minister Says Around 1200 Telangana People went To Markaj

Wed Apr 01 2020 19:03:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

The count of the positive cases increased at once with more than two rnthousand people participating in the religious ceremony at the Markaj rnmasjid in Delhi. This resulted in the massive jump of the count of the rncases in Telugu states suddenly.

Speaking about the same rnTelangana Health Minster Etela Rajendra said that around 1200 people rnfrom Telangana have visited the Markaj and all of them have been traced rnout by the state except 160 people and added that community transmissionrn did not take place in the state.

"Chief Minister K rnChandrashekhar Rao was the first to demand a ban on all international rnand domestic flights. Even before other States, Telangana was already rnimplementing a complete lockdown. We were the first to alert about the rnMarkaz meeting and its implications to New Delhi as well," Rajender rnsaid.

"Barring the 160 missing persons, we have managed to rnlocate the rest of the persons. In fact, all of them are in various rnGovernment hospitals and undergoing diagnostic tests. We have achieved rnthis in just 48 hours, which reflects the strength of our surveillance rnteams," he added.