Telangana Health Minister portfolio carrying a strange curse!

Sat May 01 2021 20:12:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Things changed in Telangana politics in the controversy surrounding Etela Rajender. Hours after farmers complained against him, an inquiry was started and his portfolio was allotted to CM KCR.

As a result of the entire episode, political analysts came with a new theory that the Health Minister portfolio has a strange curse, and those who held the portfolio land in some or the other issue.

When Telangana was carved out of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and the TRS party has made it to the government, T. Rajaiah was sworn in as  Minister for the Department of Health and Family Welfare Govt. of Telangana in 2014.

However, he was sacked from the portfolio months after he was sworn in. He was sacked based on the alleged involvement in Telangana's medical and health department.

Charlakola Laxma Reddy was made the Health Minister after T. Rajaiah was sacked. Laxma Reddy had served as Health Minister of Telangana from 2014–2018.

After serving four years in the portfolio, he failed to get the portfolio again when the TRS party won the 2018 general elections. Forget about the Health Ministry, Laxma Reddy was not even added to the Cabinet.

In the second term of TRS, Etela Rajender was made the Health Minister. However, things started to become worse between the Chief Minister and Health Minister. In a few instances, Etela made controversial statements that irked KCR.

Taking the alleged rift between the duo to a whole new level, Etela's portfolio was allotted to CM KCR making Etela left with no portfolio.

Now its has to be seen who will be made the next Health Minister in the state and will anyone show interest in taking up the portfolio that has given shocks to people, who held the office.