Pandemic Dairies: TS High Court Shut Down

Wed Jul 08 2020 17:30:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing pandemic which is spreading its deadly wings in Telangana has hit the Telangana High Court and the court was shut down as a result. The new development came after 10 staff members working at TS High Court testing positive for the virus.

The ten infections were detected in the court after the authorities conducted pandemic tests for as many as 50 people So far, 26 infections were detected in the High Court.

Following this, the Court will be shut down from tomorrow for sanitization purposes. However, there is no official information on when the court will resume its operations.

Hyderabad turned out as the hotspot for the virus in the state with more number of cases. The total infections in the state surpassed 25,000-mark and became the sixth worst-hit state in the country.

Earlier, Andhra Pradesh High Court was also shut down going by the directions of Chief Justice Jitendra Kumar Maheswari with the rising number of cases in the court. The decision was taken to see that the virus is not spread further.