Telangana Municipal Polls Shocks Everyone

Sat Jan 25 2020 16:14:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana Municipal Polls has shocked everyone with the results as the outcome of the polls is quite contrast to what everyone thought. The political circles had an opinion that Congress party will make a mark in the polls as Revantha Reddy who represents the Malkajgiri constituency campaigned in Kodangal area extensively.

Out of the 12 wards in Kodangal Municipality, the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti(TRS) emerged victorious in 7 wards while the Congress party got limited to only 3 wards.

The TRS is leading in all the districts one sidely. Till now the TRS has won more than 80 municipalities out of 120. The domination of the party can be seen everywhere.

On the other hand, the ruling TRS party has also given a jolt to the century odd old Congress party in Khammam district.

Keeping in mind the grip Congress party has in this area, KTR cited that Congress might bag the second position in the elections.

The Madhira Municipality which was taken prestigiously by the Congress party has shocked the party as out of 8 wards TRS won 5 wards, while the Congress, TDP, and CPI won each seat respectively. With this, the TRS party might create history by winning the Madhira which is clearly dominated by the Congress party.

The special care is taken by the TRS party to win the Congress dominated Khammam district resulted in a fruitful win for the party.

This one-sided win clearly shows that the public of Telangana is not interested in any other party other than the TRS. Even the National parties, BJP, and Congress failed to attract the voters and create history.