Telangana Serial killer arrested

Sat Dec 28 2019 16:47:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Mahabubnagar police arrested a serial killer, who is estimated to have allegedly murdered at least 15 people, over a span of 10 years. The accused was identified as 42-year-old Yerukali Srinu. His wife 38-year-old Salamma was also arrested by the police.

Yerukala Srinu was arrested by the Mahabubnagar police. He would target women who come to Kallu compounds to drink and later, he would do friendship with them and take them out on a picnic and drink with them. As the women got drunk, he would allegedly kill them and take their valuables.

Srinu murdered at least five members in 2007 and was arrested by police. Later he was released in 2013 for his good behaviour. In 2014, he again started to kill people.

Police officials said that Srinu was arrested for killing a 52-year-old woman Alivelamma and during the investigation, Srinu confessed that he committed murders.