Telangana Techie Shot Dead in US, When these attacks will stop?

Wed Jun 22 2022 15:07:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

In what could be a shocking and unfortunate incident, a Telangana native who was on his way home after dropping his friend at the airport was stopped by a shooter and was shot dead. By the time he was rushed to the hospital, it was late and he breathed his last while undergoing treatment.

Going by the information shared by the local media, Sai Charan who dropped his friend at the airport was coming home and might have been shot near Catonsville. It is also said that the car he was traveling in crashed and the concerned authorities were informed about the same by some onlookers.

Upon reaching the spot, he was rushed to the University of Maryland R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. Sadly, the doctors could not save him. A case was filed by the police and the investigation is underway.

In the pictures which are believed to have been taken before the incident, Sai Charan can be seen in the driver's seat and spending gala time with his friends. After dropping off his friend, he was reportedly alone in his car.

The unfortunate incident involving Sai Charan once again started the debate on rising gun violence. In the past few weeks, the United States reported a few mass shootings which made the whole world look at the United States.

Data shows that Asian Americans are the most attacked community in the United States. Since the start of the Covid pandemic, the attacks have increased making the community live in fear. Hate crimes against Asians are on the rise and Indians form the big portion of Asians who migrate to the United States for better opportunities.

Experts say that when the Covid pandemic started, the local Americans had the wrong opinion that the Asian Americans who travel a lot for various purposes might have brought the Covid virus into the nation which left a devastating impact on America.

Despite the Covid virus slowing down, the attacks are not stopping and the Asian-Americans are still the most attacked community in the land of opportunities. No one knows when the attacks will be stopped