What Is The T Congress Doing These Days?

Sat Jan 12 2019 09:43:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana state is in Panchayat election mode. The TRS is planning for every panchayat and is working hard to win the maximum number of seats. Its plan is to take complete control of Telangana and then go for the Lok Sabha elections.

But, what is the Congress Party doing these days? What are its plans for the panchayat elections? Well! No one knows. Is Congress identifying the leaders at the grassroots level? No one knows.  Is anyone from the Congress top leadership talking to the ground level workers? Not really. The party is still stuck in finding the reasons for the flop show in the assembly elections. The leaders are still blaming the EVMs. No serious effort has been made to identify the real cause of the failure in the Assembly elections. The party reviews on the defeat were mere formalities and none seriously did any home work. No leader is focusing on the panchayat elections. Picking up workers, motivating them and ensuring that they contest for the panchayats is not happening.

As a result, the Congress will again end up as a big losers. The TRS is light years ahead in planning for panchayat elections. Soon after panchayat elections, the TRS would emerge much stronger. What will the Congress do then? Rue over the panchayat defeat and waste time doing nothing for Lok Sabha elections?