Temple Man Of Telangana Needs To Be Recognized

Wed Jul 08 2020 13:16:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The faith towards the work can make worders and a man who hails from a village in Telangana proved that proverb with his storing determination and will to complete his mission.

A man who hails from Velchal village of Vikarabad carved an entire temple out of the rock on his own without any help and equipment. All he used is a crowbar, chisel, and hammer. He dedicated 10 years to carve a temple.

Paramaiha Yadav, widely known as Paramaiah Dasu carved out a proper temple on a hillock for Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. The entrance of the temple is  20 metres deep and with a width of over five feet.

The locals told, during early 1960, when  Paramaiah Dasu was rearing their sheep and goats it started raining and the idea to dig a cave for shelter entered his mind.

On the very same day, the Lord appeared in Dasu's dreams and directed him to build a temple for him. Dasu took up the temple work on his own and fulfilled his job after dedicating 10 years for this, the villagers said.

Though he is not in a state to speak anything he remembered the work he did in this regard and expressed his happiness over the villagers coming forward to start a trust in the name of the temple.