Viral: Tesla Driver Fell Asleep While Driving!

Wed Sep 11 2019 13:02:34 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A Tesla Driver was caught on camera falling asleep when the four-wheeler was speeding on the highway. This video which is sending shivers down the spine is being captured by a local man in Boston.

Dakota Randall was the one who captured the viral video after spotting the Tesla Driver at the wheel falling asleep. He even tried to wake-up the driver by honking the horn but had no success.

Yes, There is autopilot functionality in Teslas but that doesn't mean the Driver call go to sleep when he/she was behind the wheels. Even the automobile company says Drivers have to remain alert inspite of the auto-pilot function.

This isn't the first instance of Tesla Driver falling asleep. In August this year, A Driver was spotted sleeping in a Tesla while driving on Interstate 5. Did Autopilot Functionality in Cars made Drivers lazy & irresponsible?