The Golden Baba Could Not Take Any Gold With Him

Wed Jul 01 2020 13:39:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

For him Gold was God. He worshipped gold. Meditated upon gold and thought only about gold. He wore so much gold that he had to employ 30 bodyguards to protect the gold he wore. So, he was known as Golden Baba. This Sadhu is a permanent fixture at various religious congregations like Kumbh Mela and others.

The Golden Baba, whose real name is Sudhir Kumar Makkar, has passed away in his Gandhinagar ashram in East Delhi on Monday evening. He was unwell for quite some time and was being treated in the All India Institute for Medical Sciences. A Sadhu, he had deep connections with several akharas in Hardwar. Before he became a sanyasi, Sudhir Makkar was a clothier in Delhi. After taking sanyas, he had set up an ashram. From 1972, he began wearing gold and it soon became an obsession for him. He had employed bodyguards for protecting the gold and had several cases of kidnap, loot, assault and threat registered against him.

Interestingly, the Baba who loved and worshiped gold, could not take even an iota of gold with him in his final journey..