The Naxals who own BMWs

Sun Jan 09 2022 16:23:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Olive green fatigues, gun slinging behind, eyes that reflect sleeplessness and face that reveals hunger and starvation, a lean youth chasing a wild dream in the wilderness of Dandakaranya... This is the idea of Naxals for most of us. But here is a stereotype-shattering experience.

The Ranchi police the other day got a tip-off that three top Naxals were on the Ranchi Ring Road. The cops cordoned off the area and arrested the Naxals. But the naxals arrested looked anything but Naxal. They were amid opulence, drove BMWs and sported the costliest of the mobiles. What more? They were housed in the swankiest of the hotels. The high life of ostentation and luxury baffled the police.

He Arrested Naxals – Ameer Chand Kumar, Arya Kumar Singh and Ujwal Kumar Sahoo were from the People’s Liberation Front of India. The police found 17 swanky cars, whose worth ranges from Rs 17 lakh to Rs 50 lakh. They had Rs 3.5 lakh in cash and had five sim cards with them. These Naxals were extorting money from big time politicians and industrialists.  These Naxals have their own vast network of informers and couriers. They provide logistical support to those underground cadres that work in the forest region.

The Ranchi police are now on the lookout for the other accomplices of these Naxals. They are trying to bust the whole network. They are also trying to ascertain if the cars were owned by the arrested Naxals or if they stole the cars from various states.