The Real Captain Cool...Take A Bow!

Mon Jul 15 2019 17:16:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni attained the 'Captain Cool' tag by remaining calm and composed in the most tensed situations. Even someone like him was unable to handle certain situations with utmost coolness in the recent years. So, Who is the Cricketer rightly deserves such a title? It's got to be none other than Kane Williamson!

The New Zealand Skipper will remain as cool as a saint even if his team is under immense pressure and he never ever gets involved in any of the controversies. Not even once was Kane Williamson resorted to sledging or abusing or having verbal spat on the field. He is a true ambassador of the Gentleman’s Game!

All those who watched how Kane Williamson conducted himself during the nail biting World Cup 2019 final will bow down to him. He had a smile on his face when Ben Stokes hit the third ball of the 50th Over to six. His Temperament was tested to a maximum extent, be it when ball thrown by Guptill deflected after hitting Ben Stokes bat or when the match got tied twice. Even though luck & the ICC rule favoured England, He refrained from making an issue out of it and hardly gave any scope for controversies. Had if some other Cricketer including Dhoni was in his place on Sunday, There could have been a different reaction especially after the end result. That shows the greatness of Kane Williamson!