The bubble surrounding YS Sharmila's protests bursted!

Tue Sep 21 2021 20:15:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Sharmila who is trying her luck in Telangana politics has been protesting for the interest of the unemployed youth in the state demanding the government to release the job notification to fill the vacant posts in the state. Her Deekshas and meetings are also seeing a good number of crowd.

As a major embarrassment for YS Sharmila and her supporters, the bubble around her protests had burst that had raised a donut of whether the crowd at Sharmila's events were paid artists and not the common public who are not happy with the state government.

YS Sharmila had staged a protest at the Boduppal exhibition grounds for the unemployed youth. The protest was titled Nirudyoga Deeksha. However, the protest was busted by the cops, and Sharmila was taken into custody by the cops. The police said Sharmila was arrested as there was no permission for her to carry out the protest.

The protest was in the headlines with Sharmila's arrest. For the wrong reasons, people who were present at Sharmila's Deeksha had alleged that they were brought here on the pretext of giving Rs 600 per head but they were not given the money. They made these claims when the media was present to cover Sharmila's arrest.

Talking to the media, the crowd who introduced themselves as the labour workers said that a person had come to them asking for 100 women to be present at the protesting site but he had managed to bring only 55 women. But the leader who had called them here is not giving money now. We came here by canceling our work. Whom should we ask now for money, they asked.