The kings Are Now Confined To Their Forts

Mon May 03 2021 12:18:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Many TDP leaders sincerely believed that the YSRCP victory in 2019 elections is a mere flash in the pan. They felt the TDP's base was in-tact and that it would make a come-back sooner than later. But now, their estimates are proving to be way off the mark.

Starting from the panchayat elections to the municipal elections, the YSRCP has shown that it is in complete command of the political narrative in AP. In fact, the YSRCP has got more votes in the local body elections than the 2019 elections. The same story got repeated in Vizianagaram district too. The YSRcP has got much more than what it got in the 2019 elections As a result, the key leaders of the party are maintaining studious silence. Former minister P Ashok Gajapathi Raju, who had campaigned vigorously for the TDP in the civic body elections, is now confined to his residence. He is completely silent. His daughter Aditi, considered to be his political heir, too remained silent.

Despite their best efforts. The YSRCP could just win two of the 50 sets. This is being seen as a complete failure. Meanwhile, the Gajapathis are facing internal rebellion. Former MLA Meesala Geetha has set up a parallel party office in the town. Sources say more leaders are visiting this office rather than meeting the Gajapathi clan.