The real reason behind raking up Polavaram submerged villages?

Wed Jul 20 2022 13:37:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why has the Telangana government begun raking up the issue of the villages that were included in Andhra Pradesh to facilitate the construction of the Polavaram dam? The issue was decided long back with mutual consent and the parliament has discussed the issue for over two days.

Moreover, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti government has agreed to give away nine mandals that would be submerged when Polavaram is completed to Andhra Pradesh.

So, why is the Telangana government trying to whip up passions on the issue? The TRS had admitted several times in the past that it has agreed to part with the mandals to ensure that Polavaram gets completed. KCR's daughter and MLC Kavitha too has said time and again that but for the TRS large-heartedness, these villages would have remained a prickly issue between the two Telugu states.

It is now emerging the minister Puvvada Ajay's comments were aimed at diverting the topic of the failure of the government in handling the floods caused by incessant rains. The Telangana government has not only failed to anticipate the floods, but also failed to provide relief to the people. The utility and the construction quality of several projects, including the Kaleshwaram, is now being questioned. To escape from all these, the TRS has raked up the issue, say those in the know.

The TRS needed an emotive issue to divert the issue after its attempt at claiming that ‘some forces' conspired to create a cloud burst has fallen flat. Nobody in Telangana has believed in the issue. Not just that the people are pooh-poohing KCR's comments.  So, the TRS needed an issue that sounds just and sentimental to the people of Telangana.

So, the long-dead issue of accession of nine mandals, has been brought back to life. But there seems to be not many takers for this argument too. The TRS may have to invent something anew this time again.