These Things Could Happen If BJP Comes To Power

Wed May 22 2019 22:03:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

If the BJP gets absolute majority as predicted by the exit polls, then the following things might happen.

·The Madhya Pradesh Government, which has a slender majority might plunge into a crisis. Some MLAs might cross over to the BJP and independents my back the BJP. There are reports that some MLAs are already in touch with the BJP leadership. If the BjP gets absolute majority at the Centre, these MLAs might leave Kamal Nath and the Congress.

· Karnataka Government, which is hanging by a slender thread, too might be under strain. At least 20 Congress MLAs are said to be in touch with the BJP. They might switch the party and join the BJP. If 20 MLAs join the BJP, they would also be able to avoid the provisions of the anti-defection law. Chief Minister Kumaraswami too may join hands with the BJP and agree for deputy CM post.

· Punjab Congress too might plunge into a crisis. The party is already under strain because of the clash between Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and minister Navjot Siddhu. This may lead to a period of instability in a state where the Congress has a government.

· The BJP has already claimed that at least 40 of the Trinamool Congress MLAs are in touch with its national leadership. If the BJP manages to emerge as a strong contender to the TMC and go on to win considerable number of seats, these MLAs, who are said to be fed up with Mamta Banerjee's despotic ways, might switch sides and this might force a mid-term election in West Bengal.