These Ministers Are At Loggerheads, But KCR Is Not Worried

Tue Jul 07 2020 13:07:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

A cold war of sorts is brewing between the two ministers from Karimnagar.  No marks for guessing, the fight is between Finance Minister Etela Rajendra and Karimnagar's Gangula Kamalakar.  Ever since Kamalakar became a CM, Etela' sphere of influence narrowed and he is now confined only to Hyderabad and Huzurabad.

Sources say Etela's visits to Karimnagar have come down considerably. On the other hand, Gangula is now reigning supreme in Karimnagar town.  Recently when the ZPmeet of the district was organised, both Gangula and Etela arranged their visits in such a way that their paths did not cross. It was clear that both were avoiding one another.  Even in corona control, Etela is focusing on the whole state except Karimnagar, while Gangula is focused on Karimnagar town.  As if to dispel the stories circulating about their differences, both Gangula and Etela came to the district collectorate in the same vehicle. They chattered away in front of the mediapersons. But, insiders say that all is not well between the two leaders.

Sources say the differences between the two leaders arose during the elections in 2018 and have been growing ever since. The high command, which means KCR, is monitoring the situation, but has not yet intervened to set at rest the differences.