Things Congress Is Doing To Defeat Prakash Raj

Thu Apr 18 2019 12:24:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress is employing every trick in the trade not to defeat the BJP, but to outwit actor Prakash Raj. The Congress feels, Prakash Raj, who is contesting as an independent from Bengaluru Central, will only spit the Congress chances by splitting the votes of minorities and other anti-BJP voters. This will only help the BJP, the Congress feels. So, the party wants to see him withdraw from the contest or extend support to the Congress candidate Rizwan.

The Congress has launched a social media campaign by posting a pic of Prakash Raj shaking hands with Rizwan.  Since Prakash Raj has extended support to the Congress, do not waste your vote by voting for him. Vote for the Congress instead, so goes the message.

Prakash Raj reacted to these and called them cheap tricks. I will not be cowed down by such misinformation, he said. He also slammed the Congress for talking in terms of Muslim votes. ''How can anyone who talks of Muslim votes be considered secular,'' he asked.