Third Wave Vibes: India sees highest infections in 199 days

Wed Jan 05 2022 14:26:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is India gearing up to witness a deadly third wave of Coronavirus?. Should the steady rise in the novel Coronavirus be considered as the signal for the worst to come for the country?. The ongoing developments related to the Covid pandemic have to say the same.

In just one week the fresh Coronavirus cases have gone up by around 44,000. As a result of the massive jump in the new infections, India witnessed the biggest hike in infections in the last 199 days. The single-day infections went up massively amid the Omicron scare.

As many as 58,097 fresh infections were detected in the past 24 hours, the data shared by the Union Health Ministry said. The new infections took forward the total number of infections in the country to 3,50,18,358.

The Covid situations in the country had changed at once, with the active cases and the total infections seeing the highest number in recent times. The active Covid cases also rose to the highest in the past two and half months.

For the first time in the last 81 days, the active cases stood at over 2 lakh cases with not less than 2,14,004 active cases of the pandemic. The active cases translate to 0.61 percent of the total cases.

 The course of fresh Covid infections changed big time compared to the previous week. Last week, India reported 13,154 fresh Coronavirus infections, and cut to one week, India saw more than 58,000 more people testing positive for the novel Coronavirus.

Looking at the dynamics of the fresh infections, the single-day Coronavirus infections have been increasing since last week. While 13,154 new infections were detected on the 30th of last month.

In the next coming days, India reported 16,764(December 31), 22,775(January 1), 27,553(January 2), 33,750(January 3), 37,379(January 4), and 58,097 on the 5th of January.

The constant rise in the single-day Coronavirus infections should be attributed to the festive season where the country celebrated festivals like Christmas and New Year. Despite restrictions imposed on the celebrations, a few states went for the celebrations violating the Covid protocols, which resulted in the hike in the new infections.