This Congressman is targeting Etela but not TRS

Fri May 14 2021 16:43:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Congress Party is finding itself in a strange dilemma. The party is solidly backing Etela Rajender, who has been sacked by KCR. Senior leaders like Revanth Reddy and others have come out strongly in his support. But, the Congress leader in Huzurabad refuses to toe the party line on Etela Rajender.

Kaushik Reddy, who fought against and lost in the 2018 elections from Huzurabad, seems bent on attacking Etela. In this, he is going against the party line. Interestingly, till recently, the party stood behind Kaushik Reddy when he exposed one scam after another of Etela. But, everything changed after Etela and KCR fell out. The Congress leaders are now backing Etela and want Kaushik Reddy to go slow on him. Leaders like T Jeevan Reddy, Komatireddy Venakt Reddy, Sravan Dasoju and V Hanumantha have given an allout support to Etela. Even Bhatti Vikramarka met Etela and extended his support to the former. But Kaushik Reddy is in no mood to relent. He is continuing his tirade against Etela.

What, however, is worrying the Congress Party is that Kaushik Reddy is targeting only Etela Rajender and not against the TRS.  Kaushik Reddy has asked why the Congress leaders are soft-peddling the corrupt acts of Etela. The Congress party is finding Kaushik Reddy a tough nut to crack.