This Is How South Korea Controlled Corona Virus

Fri Mar 27 2020 20:33:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

At one time, South Korea was the second most affected country after China. Korona spread quite fast in the state, but several proactive measures by the Government, industry and the medical fraternity have helped leash in the deadly virus soon.  One very interesting thing is that South Korea has used artificial intelligence and big data to control the virus.

The government used big data to identify and announce the areas and persons affected by Corona. The country has soon developed the ability to conduct  at least 10000 tests per day and this has helped screen a large number of suspects.  The corona confirmation tests were conducted and the results were given in just seven minutes. This has speeded up the whole process of identification and quarantining. Secondly,  as many as 700 phone booths were set up in every hospital to warn people to avoid Corona-affected areas. Using a GPS controlled process, the government and the authorities monitored the quarantined people across the state. The moment they stepped out of their homes, an alarm rang in the central office and the quarantined people were immediately ordered to get into the house.

Though the first case of Corona was identified in January itself, the authorities have managed to ensure that the total number of cases does not cross 1000. So far 9037 cases have been reported Corona positive and 120 persons died.