This Is What Amit Shah Has Done

Wed May 15 2019 10:59:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

People may deride him, criticise him, lampoon him or even lambast him. But, Amit Shah is one-of-a-kind politician. Look at how many constituencies he had covered this elections? He hs overed at least 301 Lok Sabha constituencies and has crossed 1.51 lakh kilo metres as part of his election campaign. His activity would sure put young Rahul Gandhi to shame. No other politician has crisscross the country like Amit Shah did.

Ever since he became president  of the BJP, Amit Shah had taken part in 1542 party meetings. According to available statistics, every month, Amit Shah has toured 17541 km and thus, he has covered 10.17 lakh km during the last four-and-a-half years. During the last four years, who had toured the whole country three times. The party statistics show that he had addressed 191 public meetings in 2014, 188 in 2017 and 349 in 2018. Of these meetings, 41 per cent of the meetings were connected to party's organisational work and the remaining 59 per cent were election meetings.

Thus, Amit Shah perhaps would go down in the history of Indian politics as the most hard working party president ever.