This Is Why COVID 19 Is So Dangerous!!

Sun Apr 05 2020 12:15:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

One thing that is setting apart COVID 19 from the rest of the Corona virus family is its ability to strike back after a patient is declared Corona negative. While all other virus disappear after treatment, vaccination or quarantining, COVID 19 is rearing its ugly head even after the quarantining and treatment.

Several incidents of COVID striking back after the discharge of the patient has left the scientific and medical community baffled.  This only goes to show that the virus is not completely killed inside the human body and it is able to fight off the antigens in the human body.. Usually, once the antibodies and resistence creators gain an upper hand, the virus subsides and eventually disappears. Or the human body develops a resistence system of its own. But, with the COVID 19 things are different. Even after the treatment, the virus is able to infect again. The antibodies inside the human body are proving ineffective in contraining its growth.

This is something new for the scientists. They have never faced such a situation. Till this issue is not addressed, the COVID 19 will continue to threaten the humanity and the infections might recur again and again.