This MLA Is Using BJP To Blackmail His Party

Thu Sep 03 2020 12:56:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

TRS MLA from Bodhan Mohammad Shakil is an interesting politician. He is the only Muslim MLA in the TRS. But, he perhaps is the only Muslim MLA in Telangana, who is on very friendly  terms with - hold your breath - the BJP.

Yes. Shakil has many friends in the BJP and does not have any inhibition in being seen in the company of the BJP leaders. The fact is he was a BJP minority morcha functionary before joining the TRS. So, he has lot of friends and acquaintances in the party. This is one thing that sets him apart from all other MLAs in the TRS.

Shakil also did not have any problems attending the meetings attended or organised by the BJP. He did not also shy away from sharing the stage with them. He has in fact leveraged on these BJP links to maximum effect to sometimes blackmail the TRS. In the past, he had once met BJP leaders and gave an indication that he was not satisfied by the way he was being treated in the party. The TRS quickly spoke to him and addressed some of his concerns.

Many in the TRS feel that Shakeel is being very clever in using his BJP links to his advantage. The TRS these days is said to be keeping a close watch on his moves. It is keeping a tab on the persons he is meeting to know his political moves.