This MLA knows how to climb up the ladder

Sat Jul 17 2021 09:01:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics is nothing but a game of opportunities and opportunism. One may climb up the ladder using someone and soon after climbing latch on to another for the take-off.  The same story is repeating in Khammam district.

Wyra's MLA Ramulu Nai has done the same thing. He owes his rise to Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy. But, now he has latched himself on to Puvvada Ajay, who is the real rising son of Khammam politics.

Ramulu Naik was an independent candidate from Wyra in the 2018 assembly elections. But, former MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy backed him to the hilt and worked for him ignoring the official TRS candidate. Soon after Naik's victory, Reddy took him to KCR and joined him in the TRS.

All along, Srinivas Reddy's word was command for Naik. Everyone in the district knew how obsequious Naik is towards Reddy. Even the appointment of mandal incharges in Wyra was decided by Reddy and Naik only carried it out faithfully.

However, things appear to have soured of late. The MLA seems to have learned a lesson or two in real-politic. He is no longer being seen with Reddy. Not just that. In the recent appointments of mandal presidents for Wyra, Veleru, Julurupadu and Konijarla too, the former MP's recommendations were ignored and persons close to Puvvaja Ajay were chosen.

Ajay is now the minister from the district and is the most important leader as Ponguleti did not get a party ticket and Tummala was defeated. Puvvada Ajay is also known to be quite close to KTR and is touted as a member of KTR's inner circle. So, Ramulu Naik has realized which side of the bread the butter is on and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy is now left in the lurch.