This Man Predicts Corona's Defeat By Next Month

Fri Mar 27 2020 13:34:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

This man has accurately predicted that China will have up to 80000 Corona cases and that China would defeat Corona by early March. His predictions have later been found to be true. He even predicted the death toll in China. He said 8250 people could die due to Corona. The actual figures are 8245, which is stunningly close to the predicted number.

Hold on... He is no astrologer and he does not do any kind of crystal ball gazing. He is an eminent biophysicist and a Nobel laureate. His name is Micheal Levit. He now predicts that by mid-April, the world would be able to control Corona virus. His study of the progression of Corona cases in 70 countries shows that the pace of the spread of the virus is coming down. He says the world was progressing in the right direction in its fight against Corona. He says soon the number of Corona cases will further come down. He says that more than the physical health aspects, it is the mental and psychological issues that one has to be worried about. He says that post Corona, there would be a spurt in unemployment, indebtedness and psychological depression. He said the world should be prepared to tackle these problems.

He said removal of unfounded fears about the disease and social distancing are the twin weapons that can fight Corona. He said regular washing of hands and sanitising too are very important steps in this regard.