This Video Shows The Unseen Side Of KA Paul!

Mon Apr 15 2019 20:34:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

As Christian Evangelist, KA Paul has done great service to the underprivileged people across the World until 2004. Presidents of the Nations, Chief Ministers and many prominent personalities paid so much attention to him when he was the President of Global Peace Initiative.

An Old Interview of KA Paul to US-based Fox Star News Channel offers a clear picture of his service motive, oratory skills & the high-level influence he used to have in those days. He raised valid points when quizzed should US waste so much of its tax payers money to help the poor nations.

The Evangelist behaved like a true gentleman and appeared very much in a balanced state of mind. Those who make fun of Paul often will be left stunned upon watching this old video. Certainly, Whoever sees this footage will learn to respect him for the service he has done in the past.