This doctor donated plasma nine times since August

Mon May 03 2021 16:10:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corona crisis is the worst of the times. But, it is also the best of the times where glorious examples of humanitarian service and indomitable courage are coming to light. These incidents are showing that the humane side of the humankind will not bow down to the vagaries and vicissitudes.

Recently, we have seen an 85-year-old sacrificing his hospital bed so that a young person's life would be saved. Here's another such inspirational incident. An autorickshaw driver has sold his wife's jewellery and converted his auto into an ICU bed. In another incident, a person travelled 1400 km to provide oxygen cylinder to his friend.

Much in the same way, a doctor has donated plasma for a record nine times and turned out to be a real hero. Dr Srikanth of Bengaluru has donated plasma after he recovered from Corona last August. The plasma of a Covid cured person will have antigens in large amounts and it could help patients suffering from Covid. One time plasma donation can cure two persons. Thus he saved as many as 18 patients. Plasma donation can help in preventing a patient from going into ventilator dependent situation.  Dr Srikanth has been donating blood from the age of 18.