This is at the root of Jagan-Sharmila fight

Thu Oct 14 2021 17:45:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

That there are deep and irreconcilable differences between AP CM YS Jagan and his sister YS Sharmila is an altruism! Everyone knows that all is not well between the siblings. It is these differences that have led YS Sharmila to launch her new party, albeit in neighbouring Telangana. Significantly, while it is well-known that all is not well between the siblings, no one knows that is the chief reason for the divide.

Highly placed sources say that though Sharmila has undertaken a 3000-km long padayatra in 2012 and worked hard to strengthen the party while Jagan was in jail, she was not rewarded with any position of importance. Sources say she asked for Ongole MP seat,  but Jagan flatly refused. Then mother Vijayamma too tried to persuade Jagan to give her some position, but Jagan did not relent.

Sources say that Jagan did not want a second power centre to emerge in the party. A second power centre could lead to problems, he felt. Then there was a proposal to give Sharmila party's general secretary or a Rajya Sabha seat. But Jagan did not agree to any of these proposals. It was because of this that Sharmila wanted to raise a banner of revolt.

Realising that she would not be able to make much of a headway in AP, she launched her party in Telangana. However, she knows that she cannot cut much ice in Telangana. Now the situation is that both are not seeing eye to eye. Both are trying to avoid each other even during the death anniversary programmes. How far will these differences take them and what will happen in the state remains to be seen.