Three options left with AP government on 'Three Capitals'

Thu Jan 23 2020 12:12:41 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Following the AP CM Jagan announcing the Three Capitals bill and the bill getting passed in the state Assembly as the ruling party enjoys a clear majority in the house, the opposition TDP has strategically moved the Legislative Council and the Upper House has halted the bill as of now.

With this, both the ruling and opposition parties are trying their level best to back their actions. As part of this, the AP government has hired a Supreme court advocate, former Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi to argue this case.


Now the ruling party has only three options left-one is to bring ordinance the second one is to cancel the Legislative Council and the third and final is to wait for the select committee's report.

The government may not prefer to go with the first option as there will be law issues to prorogue the Assembly as the bill is live.

Canceling the Legislative Council will be in the hands of the Centre and that will take a long period of one year. So this is also not a good option for the government.

Talking about the third option, it will take three months to get a report from the select committee as the bill will again come to the Assembly. The Government is very firm on its decision and said there is no setback on this.