Tim Paine Brother In Law Name Pops Up In Sexting Row

Mon Nov 22 2021 23:42:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

The sexting scandal of Australian cricketer Tim Paine created a storm in Cricket Australia. The further investigation is going on and holding him responsible for the allegations, Tim Paine was sacked as the skipper. The news came ahead of the much-awaited Ashes series. The scandal had hit the headlines due to another twist in the tale.

At the time when the controversy is being probed, it has been widely reported that Tim Paine's brother-in-law Shannon Tubb had sent X-rated messages to the same woman, with whom Tim Paine was involved in the sexting scandal. Los Angeles-based Fox Sports Media Group alleged the same, attributing the same to the Herald Sun report.

What's even more surprising is that Tim Paine's brother-in-law's alleged sexting scandal traces back to mid-2018. The officials at the governing body of cricket in Australia, Cricket Australia had called for an investigation to look into the controversy of Tim Paine's sexting issue.

Sensational details were revealed by the report saying that the messaging incident with the woman cost big time for Shannon Tubb as he was believed to be sacked from the Cricket Tasmania (CT). Back then Shannon Tubb used to play for the domestic first-class cricket Sheffield Shield. The woman is a junior staff member and he sent X-rated messages.

It has been widely reported that Shannon Tubb was found guilty in the issue by the officials after the investigation confirmed the same. After getting sacked from the Cricket Tasmania (CT), he was made the coach of Prince Alfred College.

 The Australian Cricketer and his brother-in-law reportedly getting involved with the same woman in the sexting issue gave a whole new twist to the case. An official confirmation from Cricket Australia is awaited. On the other hand, Shannon Tubb is yet to comment on the sensational twist in the sexting scandal.

On the other hand, Tim Paine got massive support from his wife Bonnie Maggs who said the matter was put to an end and she had forgiven him in the matter. She also said it's frustrating to see the issue popping up in the headlines. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and was blessed with two children.