Time Chandrababu Naidu Changed His Techniques

Tue Sep 17 2019 13:42:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

There's little doubt that Kodela has been one of the most controversial politicians in the Telugu states. He had several positives and many more negatives. He was criticised, disliked and even hated even while he was alive mainly because of the excesses committed by his followers, close relatives and even kin.  His son’s collection drives and his daughter’s antics have contributed to his downfall.

But, what is surprising is that where is TDP boss Chandrababu while all this was happening? what was he doing when Kodela was cornered and weakened? Why did not Chandrababu meet, console and build confidence in Kodela when the latter consumed sleeping pills? Had Chandrababu responded on time, Kodela may have held on and could have tided over the crisis.

What Chandrababu is doing now is just a PR stunt and an attempt to score brawny points over the dead body of a departed colleague. Speaking teary eyed and mouthing emotional  utterances at this state after the colleague is dead is useless. Employing time-barred and worn-out strategies in the era of social media would not just be ridiculous, but downright useless.