Tinder Survey Finds Interesting Thing About Hyderabad Youths!

Fri Sep 16 2022 12:10:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Dating culture is very popular in western nations. Youngsters use dating apps to find a partner or have a short company with their match. Given the free culture there, it is quite common for youth to go on dates and break up if their vibes don't match. The popular concept originated in western nations has spread its way to India too.

Dating apps enjoy a good following among youths in India. Almost all dating apps have millions of downloads and the count is increasing. The dating app Tinder has done a survey to know how boys think during dating. The survey revealed some interesting things.

The survey said that Hyderabad boys are not that great at wooing girls. Forget about wooing girls, the majority of boys have no idea how to ask a girl for a date and start a conversation. 6 out of 10 boys have the same issues. They also don't know how to talk about romantic issues.

Hyderabad is among the top cities that have Tinder users in good numbers. Despite this, the youths in Hyderabad are not good at starting the conversation or taking the first step. The youths in the city have less confidence in talking to women during dating.

Not less than 65 percent of youths in the city find it difficult speaking to girls. They don't speak to their dating partners when they meet for the first time. Most of them won't even try to speak to girls and take forward the conversation. They feel hesitant to start the conversation.

Tinder India said that the reason behind conducting the survey is to know how youths and adults feel and what they think during the date. The company said that, by knowing the way of thinking of youths, they can help them overcome their issues and come out of their comfort zone.

Tinder India went on to say that, the majority of youths have issues and doubts about the concept of dating, and with such initiatives and surveys, they intend to make the practice and the space a better space for the youths who are looking for a partner.

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