Tirupati By poll: All the parties have same question in mind!

Fri Apr 16 2021 18:34:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Tirupati by-election will be held tomorrow where more than 17 lakh voters exercise their vote right. All the major political parties have taken the election prestigiously and the key campaigners have campaigned for the respective parties.

The political parties which are busy with poll management are now worried about what percentage of voters will come to the election booth to use their vote right.

As per the media reports, money was not involved in the election, unlike the other elections. No political party, ruling, and opposition party offered money to the voters to vote for their party.

With no money involved in the election campaign, political experts are in the opinion that, it might impact the vote percentage in the by-election as there will be no driving force that can take the voters for the polling booths.

Middle-class people and below middle-class people become the deciding factor in any election as they see the election as a way of income. Political parties give money to them to get their votes. Only a small share of elite people uses their vote right.

The political parties have their reasons for not giving money to the voters. The ruling party believes that their welfare schemes will result in voters voting for the party in the elections.

On the other hand, the other parties are in the opinion that the public thinks their parties can fight for the people and that is the reason that they are not giving money to the voters.

The other parties have restricted themselves from giving money to the voters for the reason that, when the ruling party is giving money, then why should they give.