Tracing The Events In Saidabad Rape And Murder Case!

Thu Sep 16 2021 16:32:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The heinous crime that was reported in Hyderabad on the Thursday of last week had become a national issue and the prominent people of various fields have condemned the incident and said the accused should not be spared and he should be punished severely. Since Thursday, the accused identified as Raju has been on a run and cops have started a manhunt for him.

The rape and murder case that brought everyone on one opinion that the accused should be punished had lasted for one week and cut to one week after the incident, the accused was found dead. A lot of developments took place in the case in the past week.

Having a close look at the incident, on the 9th of September, returned to his home around 4 PM after completing his work. He took the victim to his house. After sexually assaulting the victim, the accused killed her by strangling her neck. Later, he locked his room and came out. When the grandmother of the victim doubted him, she alerted the locals. However, the accused left the area.

The family members who doubted Raju rushed to his house. After seeing the house locked, they informed the cops. The cops who reached the post reportedly restricted them from breaking the lock and barging into the house. The family members who searched for the kid in the locality had broken the door and entered the house.

As the kid was found inside the accused house, the family members alleged that they would have saved the kid if the door was opened earlier when the cops reached the spot.

On September 15, a poster was released by the cops that say, those who give information about the accused would be given a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh. A day after the poster was released, i,e., on September 16, the accused was found dead on a Railway track. The accused is said to have taken his life by jumping in front of a train.

On the other hand, the family members of the accused are alleging that the cops might have killed their son and the dead body of Raju might have been placed on the railway track later.