Transport dept throws hands up, says no money for cars in CM's convoy

Fri May 13 2022 10:54:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

In an incident indicative of the dire financial straits that the AP Government finds itself in, the Transport Department has said that it would not be able to provide vehicles to the convoy of the Chief Minister and other VIPs if the pending vehicle rental arrears are not paid immediately. The transport department reportedly sent a report stating about the pending arrears and the problems of requisitioning vehicles for the CM's convoy.

In a communication, the transport department requested the government to clear pending arrears to a tune of Rs 17.5 crore. It said these amounts are pending for the last three years. Sources said that the transport department incurs up to Rs 4.5 crore towards provision of vehicles for the convoy of the chief minister and other ViPs.

The issue was raised at the recent review meeting on Transport and related issues. It may be recalled that the transport department officials had recently requisitioned a car forcibly and tried to use it for the CM's convoy. The owners of the car were on their way to Tirupati, when the car was forcibly taken away. This became a viral news on social media and the government had to immediately hand back the car to the owner.

Opposition leader and former CM Chandrababu Naidu said that it was shameful that the government was not in a position to pay the pending transport bills for the vehicles used as part of the CM's convoy. He said this was unprecedented and has never in the history of AP such a thing ever happened.