Truck with 46 Dead Bodies Found at US-Ukraine Border!

Tue Jun 28 2022 14:45:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking turn of events, a tractor with over two dozen dead bodies was found by the concerned officials and cops. Shocked by the pile of dead bodies, the cops have swung into action and sent the bodies for the medical examination to ascertain the reason behind the deaths.

The tragic incident was reported from Texas City in the United States. As per the local media, a tractor was found in San Antonio, Texas, by the concerned officials on Monday. The vehicle is believed to have carried around 46 bodies and a few others.

While the dead bodies were sent for the autopsy, over a dozen people who were present in the vehicle were sent to a nearby hospital for medical support. Further details on the autopsy reports and the condition of others are awaited.

Going by the media reports, the vehicle was found close to the railroad tracks near the US-Mexico border. A police officer was reportedly informed about the vehicle with bodies and people and he alerted the police department and fellow officials who reached the spot.

Upon reaching the spot, the cops in Texas called for help and the firefighters helped in taking the dead bodies and people out of the vehicle. It has been widely reported that the victims might have breathed their last due to heat wave and exhaustion as the AC in the vehicle was not working. However, the reason behind the deaths will be known only after the autopsy reports are out.

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